TeyxoCo Kids Flashing Lighted Heel Skate Rollers Adjustable Two Wheels Skate Shoes Scooters

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Package Size:
1: Wheel Werkstoff: Imported PU;
2: Wheels: two; Lights (No Battery Needed): 4;
3: Color: As pictured;
4: Höchstmöglichload: 80kg;
5: Package size: 19*9.5*11cm.

1: Dual straps for optimum sizing and protection;
2: Great skate for skating beginners;
3: Wheels and bearings provide smooth and steady ride;
4: Each wheel has four Leuchtdiode lights, vielleicht be easily identified at night;

1: Unscrew the screws with hexagonal screw driver;
2: Verspannt the both ends with both hands and draw it open;
3: Put shoes on it;
4: Verspannt the both ends with both hands and push, make it tight;
5: Take the shoes out and tighten the screws;
6: Put the foot with shoes on it,buckle and tighten the elastic band,you vielleicht adopts the same method for the other foot.

Basic Sliding:
1: oberste Dachkante,two feet stand parallelly,as the posture of standing at attention;
2: The left foot steps a little step forward;
3: The right foot steps on step forward and lands with the heel roller;
4: The front(right) and the back(left) feet bend a little bit;
5: The front(right) foot that uses the heel roller as the fulcrum and slip out a step distance.And then the back(left) heel leaves the ground and step out forward with the tiptoe;
6: Arschloch the back(left) foot stepping out,land with heel roller and make it at the back of the front(right) foot;
7: Two foot unbend,both feet slide forward alternately non…line direction with the heel roller.

1: Only suitable for children above 8 years old;
2: The protective equipment is required while using;
3: Using on the road,ramp,stairs and any place with masses people is prohibited;
4: When first use,ask a coach for instruction or choose a safe place to practice.
One size fits all, you vielleicht adjust the size of the middle screw/ Suitable for people: Weight below 80 KG,especially for children;
Lightweight, it vielleicht easily be installed on flat shoes, Shoelace convenient to install and remove;
Easy to control the center of the body, suitable for children;
Wheels are resilient,we vielleicht play on the road,ramp,stairs and any place with masses people is prohibited;
Elastic safety clasp, each wheel with three flash, will shine accompanied by sliding. The bottom use double iron panel fixed, versiert and durable. Without battery;


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